Agfa Scala 200x, 4x5, @ISO 200, f/5.6, --s

When working in a film and print lab, you occasionally come across some great discontinued film. A client once gave me a box of 4x5 Agfa Scala 200x. Why anyone would give up this film is beyond me. It's a fine grain film with an ISO range of 100-1600 when processed properly. The Scala process developed by Agfa is nearly extinct, with only a few labs in the U.S. and Europe producing a positive from this film. I process it at speed, as a negative in Rodinal, and don't mind the extra bonus of being able to print from it. I've used a few rolls of this film in 35mm form, but this box of 4x5 I aquired has been nestled in the back of my fridge until last week.